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Get funding at an idea or startup level

We have helped hundreds of startups & entrepreneurs with their successful product launch & funding

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Do you:

  1. Have a great idea but not sure what to do next?
  2. Have a business, product or service and want to accelerate its growth?
  3. You want to monetize and get market validation?
  4. Have a prototype and need to know the step by step process?
  5. Need funding for your idea?
  6. Want to find investors?
  7. Want to know where to start & how succeed?
If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. Reid Hoffman (Linkedin founder)
We help & prepare Startups and Entrepreneurs to start, launch, promote, raise pre-seed fund, patent their ideas and submit them to VCs and Angels for the next round.
Passion Expertise Honesty Collaboration
Assisting startups isn’t just a hobby, it’s our passion & core of our very existence. We’ve helped over 100+ startups from the ground up, in many industries and vertical. We are not shy to tell you when your idea needs refinement and help you with a better solution. Our job starts at ideation phase and we are there in the long haul. From funding to go to market process & fulfillment.

Getting Started

1. Plan and idea
You plan and document your idea.

2. Why?
Why do you need the funds?
 How much?

3. Components
Consider the components you need
(text and video.)

4. Start now!
Start you funding journey by
actions and learning.

5. Contact us
A free consultation to go over your

6. Complete web forms
Give us your input and select options to customize your web app.

7. Approve
Approve the plan, time and

8. Knowledge base
Watch “How to find your 1st
100 investors
” and learn how to ask.

9. Test  your portal
Mock up and Test.
Getting comfortable asking.

10. Promote
Promote Post and share with your
friends and acquaintances.

11. Build a team
Build your team/tribe and share.
Leverage the network.

12. Create Success
Make your idea and business
a success.