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Dental Chat, the best Dental emergency and dental care services

posted May 18, 2017, 1:14 PM by David Khorram   [ updated May 30, 2017, 1:05 PM by Ata Yazdi ]

Dental Chat, the best Dental emergency and dental care services

DentalChat is an innovative solution in the form of a platform that connects people with the dentists and dental practices around their locality.

Making the dental technology virtual in every sense over the last 10 years, DentalChat helps users connect in real time with experienced dentists through a secured communication channel. Dental Chat was co-founded by a long time dentist in the online health care web space and a healthcare IT professional. Changing the way people address their dental problems, users can connect with dentists & dental offices easily and speedily. We @ Dentalchat are using the latest technology to help dental patients and dental offices / dentists communicate.

Making dental problems solvable - in real time!

Our portal helps users to communicate their queries with ease in real time, with a practicing expert. 
Vision and Mission

When it comes to dental ailments, the right information at the right hour can make a world of a difference. Aiding that, we strive to help users by helping them get access to dentists and dental offices - as well as offer a variety of tools. Our goal is to help patients in need of emergency dental care - to avoid going to the ER and to be seen by a local dental practice / dentist. We want to keep pushing innovation on here - to help people all over the globe with our platform. has been in the works for over a decade - We are excited in finally being able to deliver the vision of the founder(s) after many years of research & development.

Our vision and mission is to help people through their various dental needs. By doing so, we hope to make the world a more Smiley place. We welcome partnering with health care companies, dental companies, dental offices and dentists. 

Please share our site with your family and friends -- we are looking to help dental care with our DentalChat platform.