Insta slim planned, developed and launched an Online Public Offerings under CrowdFunding Reg A+

What Insta Slim Have Accomplished So Far.

  • Insta Slim revenues for the past seven years of being in business have surpassed $14.5 million.

  • Insta Slim has sold over one million of our hallmark white tank t-shirts. And is one of the most successful ASOTV product. Our products are sold on TV, online, as well as through major American retailers like Walmart. Plus, our tank shirt 3 & 6 packs have been the Top-Four product sold on Sky Mall consistently for three years. 

  • With our proven success and new capital from our crowdfunding efforts, we are prepared to introduce our newest concepts and its benefits to all categories, I.S.PRO USA Activewear, ISPro Tactical, for health and body improvement. 

  • We hope you will take the time to learn more about Insta Slim, and be part of the Insta Slim family in our growth and success to continue to bring positive change to millions of men.

Everyone wants to look their best.