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posted Feb 25, 2017, 1:09 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Feb 25, 2017, 3:31 PM ]


Read the following list and start implementing it. If you have a question just call us ( 949-442-6666) or contact us @

Find your passion

    1. Start With the Right Perspective. 
    2. Get Out Your Metal Detector. 
    3. Look for the Umbrella. ( Plan A, Plan B...etc.) 
    4. Discern Between a Hobby and a Profitable Passion.  MVP and raise fund within a week of finalizing your Idea. Use Original Investors educations and tools
    5. Expect the Mutiny.
    6. Find the Limits of Your Bravery.

Become a subject matter expert by deep diving

    1. This is through a combination of education, experience, and marketing. To start;
    2. Find your key phrases or your keywords ( Your startup and idea DNA)
      1. Install "Google Analytics" and generate your key phrases or your keywords
    3. Using your key phrases or your keywords set Google News Alert. Using "Google Alerts." 
    4. Read  five new articles every day
    5. Read the email alerts every day. 
    6. Keep a diary or records using "Google Keep."
    7. Keep track of the authors and Journalist using "Google Spreadsheet"  & records their email addresses; social media handles or phone numbers.
    8. Do keyword searches (i.e., re-targeting) on sites like YouTube and SlideShare, to see videos and presentations, to better understand the space and technology.
    9. Research the competition- find out similarities and differences in the major competitors.
    10. Set up Google alerts on the keywords and companies, to stay abreast of any updates & changes.
    11. Find out who the thought leaders are in the space, and follow them on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Live in the future

    1. Remove unneeded possessions.
    2. Smile at any relevant opportunity
    3. Fully appreciate the moments of today. Power if now!
    4. Forgive past hurts to get healed.
    5. Forget the past to let go.
    6. Love your what you do
    7. Dream about the future, but work hard today.
    8. Don't dwell on past accomplishments.
    9. Stop worrying. Worrying does not and can help your past of future; it just spoils the present.

See what is missing in the world

    1. Find a problem worth solving:
      1. Personal challenges can represent real market opportunities
      2. Minor frustrations can lead to big ideas
      3. Look inward
      4. a Mission You Care About
      5. Refining the Problem 
      6. Imagine the world where the problem has already been solved. Document the solution.
      7. Don’t be discouraged if the solution seems impossible.

Write it down and build a business model 

    1. Use lean canvas model. If you have a question just call us ( 949-442-6666) or contact us @

    Make a prototype

      1. Read this blog. " What can I do with my idea & create tangible and intangible assets."
      2. You can virtually build any prototype within a week.

    Build your network, Crowd & support community

      1. Start here:
      2. Get a copy or Original Investors video training and your digital profile 
        1. Click here: Get bundle 4 
      3. Check relevant local meetup, local events and get up and meet people. Just say high and share your profile ( step 7.1) 
      4. Beef up your social media. Create your social assets
        1. Reach out to readers and networks that make sense
        2. Use an app to streamline the process
        3. Share and re-share original content
        4. Spend time responding, rather than just posting
        5. Leverage mobility to very your message
        6. Meld online social with real world social
        7. Show the prototype to 100 people.
      5. Make your network to be your friend
      6. Make your friends be your flag wavers 
      7. Leverage on your Friends and follower network


      1. A systematic process for iterating your MVP product or service  from Plan A to a plan that works

    Find a co-founder and/or Co-investor(s)

      1. Use Original investors educations and tools
      2. Ask

    Register your business

      1. Register your brand & domain
      2. Request the business name
      3. Set up a corporation
      4. Patent the idea and innovation

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