Get funding at an idea or startup level

Start your journey and find your Original Investors now!

original investors share your idea on mobile device
Do you:

  1. Have a great idea?
  2. Need funding for your idea? 
  3. Seek to find investors? 
  4. Want to know where to start & how succeed? 

Original investors & CrowdFunding mentors help you:
  1. To create a great business plan. 
  2. Successful development of your funding strategy, technical & tactical steps.
  3. To inspire people, build your crowd & become your original investors.
  4. With mobile Apps to share your idea with investors and receive funds effortlessly.
  5. Raise money without restrictions or fees. 
  6. Fast, Easy, no minimum or limit on what you raise.

Getting Started

1. Plan and idea
You plan and document your idea.

2. Why?
Why do you need the funds?
 How much?

3. Components
Consider the components you need
(text and video.)

4. Start now!
Start you funding journey
by actions and learning.

5. Contact us
A free consultation to go over
 your plan.

6. Complete web forms
Give us your input and select options to customize your web app.

7. Approve
Approve the plan, time
and deliverables.

8. Knowledge base
Watch “How to find your 1st
100 investors
” and learn how to ask.

9. Test  your portal
Mock up and Test.
Getting comfortable asking.

10. Promote
Promote Post and share with
your friends and acquaintances.

11. Build a team
Build your team / tribe and share.
Leverage the network.

12. Create Success
Make your idea and business
a success.

Features and benefits tell, your story sells.