A Pre-Revenue Idea, Innovation Reboot, 
Growth Hacking Marketing, and Fundraising Accelerator

Learn, Network, Ask, Raise Fund & Build Your Dream!

Original Investors program in four sentences

  1. You have to spend time and resources on the things that are most likely to bring you funding or customers
  2. If you want to be an entrepreneur or startup, you have to 'ship' or deliver your product. or services and get paid
  3. You have to build a business idea in order to test it. Keep the one that works.
  4. You need to start your project funding & build your team at the same time you start your prototype.

We are part of your team

  1. Crowdfunding and fundraising is a team effort. We assist you to develop your plan, strategy, tactic, and technique.
  2. See the following 12 steps. These steps show how you plan and execute your early stage funding using your mobile phone. But Why?
  3. Most everyone has a mobile phone or device, whether it is in a coffee shop, at work, at school, or just about anywhere. 
  4. Using the Original Investors strategy we have made it easy for you to communicate your project's value and ask for funding. CrowdFunding is about asking your crowd for funding.

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.
Reid Hoffman (Linkedin founder)

These are the 12 steps:

1- Plan & idea

You plan & document your idea.

2- Why

Why do you need the funds? How much?

3- Components

Consider the components  you need( text & video).

4- Start now!

Start you funding journey by actions & learning.

5- Contact us

A free consultation to go over your plan.

6- Complete web forms

Give us your input  & select from options. Customize it.

7- Approve

Approve the plan, time & deliverables.

8- Knowledgebase  

Watch  “ how to find your 1st

100 investors” & learn how to ask.

9- Test  your portal

Test mock up & run a test. Get comfortable asking.

10 - Promote

Promote Post & share with your friends 
& acquaintances. 

11- Build a team

Build your team / tribe & share . Leverage the network.

12- Create Success

Make your idea & business

A success.


Get your project's value funded through your crowd.